martes, 9 de julio de 2013

How to create jobs in a recession?

A couple of days ago seventeen EU leaders have agreed to spend 8 billion Euro to fight youth unemployment. But what will these measures mean for Europe's youth? Will they really help to create jobs in the midst of a recession?

Since the creation of the EU, we, the Europeans, have encountered many difficulties. It is worth asking ourselves whether the institutions have been able to adapt in order to tackle change efficiently. In the context of the minimisation of public expenditure due the eurocrisis, we are far from the optimal allocation of factors. Transferring monetary policy to the EU level has not strengthened its economic and social equilibrium, not even in the Eurozone. The economies of the periphery are suffering and this is a case for greater integration and for a stronger role of the European institutions. One of the biggest problems is that Southern economies need to rebalance their public finances and are unable to spend money on job-creating policies...

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