miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

More Europe: First Steps

As a member of the platform More Europe, and being one of the authors of the "Statement More Europe" I'm very proud to announce that the document has been succesfully spread accross the continent and has been gaining adepts during all the day, via twitter (hashtag #moreurope), via facebook and obviously gaining support in our blog More Europe. Back in 1989, on November 9th  the Berlin Wall was demolished. The tear-down of the Wall was a symbol of increasing freedom, but also the starting point for the real union of the European peoples.  As you will notice, in the Statement we do not refer to the federal idea (not even the federalization of the European Union) despite we give for granted that Europe is currently under a federal process, and most of us are convinced federalists. We certainly discussed the federal idea, though we finally decided to remain politically independent or neutral, in order to reach wider support from the audience and most European citizens, as well as political actors.

I honestly hope this Statement will make people aware of the increasing importance of the EU in our lives. I also believe it can be a good turning-point for political actors to move and bring European institutions closer to the citizens. Please feel free to join us and spread it.