martes, 27 de julio de 2010

EU Workshop in Sant Cugat

I'm extremely pleased to know I'm a EU-girl-geek ;-) so would like to share it with you and invite you to join this event that will be held next Autumn (October 27-28) in the beautiful and pleasant village of Sant Cugat, in Barcelona surrounding area. There will be a workshop on " The EU 2020 - What Public Management Model for the next Decade", where all the four final winners from EPSA 2009 will present their projects. This event is open to all interested administrations and will be organised to present, share, award and inspire the EPSA best practices: it ensures a maximum benefit of lessons learnt across Europe and contributes to a faster adaptation by other public administrations.

Promoting the exchange of the EPSA 2009 best practice is a valuable mechanism to ensure maximum benefit of lessons learned across Europe. It contributes to a faster adoption of good practices by other public administrations as well as to better understand its trends and needs. The EPSA transfer workshop will focus on the promotion of accurate information on the locations where the projects have been implemented and will provide an opportunity for the exchange of experience between the “champions” who have already successfully achieved good results and those who are in the process of working on this

Another essential element is networking. The activity will provide the unique opportunity for participants and experts to meet peers and other decision-makers in the same areas. The workshop will thus support in building up a community for future activities or cooperations and to create a common European administrative space. These networks will also support in disseminating the results and achievements of EPSA, leading to synergies and customer centered dissemination.

Do not miss your chance to participate in this interesting event and book your seat in time. Registration is open now! I'll be there and look forward to meeting you...